TN at HGTV: Halloween Cocktails

The days to Halloween are quickly slipping away. You might have already begun your party preparations... or at least the ideas of what it will be. To aid in your planning, we have a few cocktails that would be a great addition to any Halloween party line up. These latest cocktails are projects we did for HGTV. You'll find the complete recipe and lots more photos by clicking the pics or links below.

The Mr Hyde Potion cocktail (pictured top left) is a tasty combination of lavender and blackberry flavors. We added dry ice for dramatic effect. You can, too. Just be sure it is evaporated before guests drink.

The Bloody Orange cocktail (top right) is one of my favorite drinks (Licor43 and orange) with the inclusion of some raspberry syrup. 

The Morgue A Rita is a classic margarita with a slight twist and dripping with green goo. I highly recommend serving this one in a glass with a stem to keep hands clean.