TN at HGTV: Halloween Kid Costumes

Now that September has arrived you might be a little more in the mood for Halloween. Now is the time to get started unless you like putting together a costume (ghost, hobo) at the very last minute (if only I had a mini-sized chocolate bar for every time that happened in the last 15 years).

These super cute hoodie costumes might just be the ticket. There is some sewing involved, but not too much and the result far outweighs the effort. Simply hoodies, some felt, and coordinating leggings or sweat pants is about all you need to make these. Of course, you will need the templates and instructions, too. You'll find those over at HGTV.

Kid's Hoodie Bat Costume by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest for HGTV
Kid's Hoodie Frog Costume by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest for HGTV

My model was a super cutie. The bat costume was the first we tried on and she was still being a little shy. She loosened up when we let her start taking swings at the Candy Corn Piñata (coming soon) and she realized there was candy inside. By the time we got to the frog costume, there was no stopping her. 

Either of these costumes can be completed in an afternoon. I highly recommend reading through the instructions completely first. You will find the templates, instructions, and step by step photos at Hoodie Halloween Costume: Black Bat and Hoodie Halloween Costume: Frog.