TN at HGTV: Halloween Food

Halloween is sweet, that's true, but there is a savory side to explore, as well. Before you fill up on treats, start the party with some fun appetizers. Here we have 3 fun, new ideas to bring some spooky life to your party. We made these for HGTV so you will have to visit the full projects there for instructions and plenty more step by step photos. Click the photo or the link below to be redirected.

These Cheesy Eyeballs are a snap to make and super tasty. You'll need some red food gel and a paint brush for the bloodshot effect. 

Mummy Empanadas steal the show. They are filled with a tasty pepperoni pizza filling, but you could certainly substitute that with something else.

What Halloween party would be complete without a Skeleton Sandwich? We filled our pumpernickel bread with creamy benedictine spread. It's SO good.