Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!
What a busy week! The new year kicked off with several projects that had to be completed and planning for new projects. Luckily, there is plenty to keep me busy for quite some time. I have already begun preliminary planning for the next issue of Box Nine, due out in a few months. In between finalizing my planning for the year ahead and putting the finishing touches on a few projects that I will be sharing with you soon, I tried to spend as much time as possible with my boys before they head back to school. There was plenty of bad TV and board games... including one called Blokus. We've had it for years, but finally dusted it off and tried it out. Hmm... not as fun as I imagined. I'll take a good game of Othello anytime.

The new year brought new changes including getting back on track with exercise and healthy eating. I'm back on juicing and it feels great. I love the idea of getting that much nutrition in one quick shot. It makes meal planning way easier, too.

This week is full of fun stuff including the beginning of my homage to #SoupMonth. Stay tuned for a month of new recipes and some of my favorites from the past.

savour... board games

1. Lentils - I know this will make me seem like a freak, but lentils are truly one of my favorite things. They are loaded with nutrition and cook up much more quickly than other beans. Best of all, the flavor is SO good. It is surprising how little work must be done to get you to high-fiber deliciousness.

2. Marius - This fun French film is the story of a boy who is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Fanny, if only slightly less than the sea. His desire to leave his small town and see the world creates the conflict that is the basis for this story. The follow up, Fanny, is on my list for this week.

3. Elle Decor - Just arrived this week... this magazine rarely disappoints and this issue is no exception. Upon first glance, there is already more amazing than should be allowed at once. I can't wait to read every. single. page.

4. Eau Minerale glasses - Pottery Barn. I stumbled upon these in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. They are a must have for spring.

5. Castelli chairs - I have 4 of these chairs, which were manufactured in the 60's and designed by Giancarlo Piretti. They have been stripped of fabric and padding and have been shuffled around my studio for years. They are currently stacked in my office and are next on my list of personal projects to tackle. I'll be sure to post the results.

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