Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!
I'm trying to carve out an hour or two today to just be still. The week was so hectic that I feel as though some quiet time might be in order before getting back to the grind tomorrow. I have been working very long days finishing up a couple of projects, but I still found time for a little fun in between. Below you'll find some of my obsessions this week. There is a distinct French theme here, although I assure you that was completely by accident. 

savour... ooh la la

1 The Gypsy Queens - while looking for a particular song from my youth in Italy, Lasciatemi Cantare, I came across a version performed by this group. Then I fell in the rabbit hole and began digging deeper. These five guys, all from different countries (including the US), were buskers when they met. They pulled their collective sound together and started playing as a group. Now they have begun to make a name for themselves with music that is fun and approachable. The songs are international classics with a few newer things tossed in. Need a place to start? Try Do You Saint Tropez?

2 Scharffenberger Dark Chocolate with Sea Salted Pistachios - this probably doesn't even need explanation. It's no secret that I think Scharffenberger chocolate is amazing, but then they had to go and add salted pistachios to their dark chocolate to sweep me off my feet. This is one delicious chocolate bar. 

3 Barbecue - this hit home on many levels. It's the story of a group of middle-aged friends with the focus being on Antoine, who despite his attempt to live a good life, suffers a heart attack. The story unfolds as he gains a new perspective on life, love, and friendship. The film is set in Lyon (my imaginary second home) and is worth a watch for light-hearted fun. (available now on Netflix)

4 Steelcase Criterion Chair - this is a story about a a chair, but not just a chair. This is the story about a $900 chair I got for $45. OK. Mine is used, but after digging hair and carpet fibers from the wheels and cleaning up the upholstery a bit, it is like new. It is not the most stylish chair, but what it lacks in panache it makes up in functionality and durability. For someone who sits in a task chair as long as I do, I can totally understand why these chairs are so expensive. They are workhorses. I bought mine from a used office furniture store. I highly recommend you visit one for chairs and so much more. I'm not entirely sure that they knew what they were selling me because I would have paid more. There was only one of its kind, sage green, which serendipitously matches my stationery. 

5 Salade Lyonnaise - it's salad at its best. I love everything about it. It is crispy, crunchy, salty, smooth genius. I ate this twice last week and will make it once more this week to shoot so I can share the recipe with you. Be advised: if you do not like mustard, it's probably not for you. The salad above is from Saveur. I have a slightly different take that I will share soon.

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