Weekend Wrap Up

Sometimes weeks just happen. That was last week. It came and went and little was affected... just so-so. I worked like crazy, proofreading hundreds of recipes, but not much else occurred. There was plenty of planning for some upcoming projects. I have two new ebook projects to share with you soon, a handful of videos, and the summer edition of Box Nine magazine is coming, too.

There were some bright spots in my ho-hum week. Below you will find a few of my latest obsessions and favorite things.

savour... so-so


1 Daredevil - the new Netflix original series has reeled me in. I know everyone who reads this is not as nerdy as I am, but don't dismiss it too soon. This comic book series is not capes and x-ray vision. It is much more in the vein of The Dark Knight... vigilante hero driven. I'm not a binge watcher, but I might be if I had more time. I've just seen the first few episodes, and I am compelled to see the rest.

2 Ravelli Tripod with Pistol Grip - this is about the equipment, but also something more. I purchased a tripod from Ravelli 3 years ago. It is adjustable in ways I haven't even used yet and has rubber and spiked feet for all kinds of situations. 
It has been used... really used. I shot thousands of photos with that tripod, and, in time, it began to show. When I had problems with the center adjustment column staying put, I called Ravelli and they gladly replaced the knob. Unfortunately, it happened again, most likely because the knob wasn't the real issue. When I called again, they just shipped me a new tripod... express, no questions asked. How often does that happen? 

3 Raspberries - I used to think pineapple was my favorite fruit. I was wrong. It's raspberries. I can't get enough of them. They are perfectly sweet and tart at once. I think I ate my weight in these last week.

4 Snapseed - revolutionize your mobile photos. Phone and tablet cameras are becoming more sophisticated, but still there is a gap between capture and what you really want to present to the world. Snapseed is a great tool for Apple or Android based phones and tablets. I use it for nearly every snapshot I take before sharing. I highly recommend downloading the app (recently updated to make it EVEN BETTER) and playing with a few photos to see what you can do. View a few tutorials to get the hang of it and never look back.

5 Creme Fraiche - forget what you know about sour cream. This is close, but not quite the same. If you haven't been using it, you've probably heard it tossed around on Food Network or The Cooking Channel. The trouble is that in the US you can't just pop into your local mega-mart and find it in the dairy section. The solution is simple... make it yourself. It's ridiculously easy. Add 2 tablespoons of buttermilk to 1 cup of heavy cream in a glass bowl. Let it sit at room temperature, covered with a tea towel, for 16-24 hours. Yes... room temperature. Don't worry. There is enough acid in the mixture to prevent any bacterial trouble. When thickened, stir well, cover, and store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.
I have used this in many ways this week - in my oatmeal with pomegranate arils and sliced almonds, as a sauce for thin-crust pizza with olives and shallots, and in oeufs en cocotte (I'll be sharing that one with you soon). 

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