New Video: Dipped Berries with California Giant Berry Farms and Scharffenberger Chocolate

Great pairings are undeniable… macaroni and cheese, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, red wine and popcorn (okay, maybe that’s just my pairing). Among the many greats are chocolate and strawberries. Last year I developed several new dipped strawberry recipes for California Giant Berry Farms and this year I have expanded on that theme for them. We teamed up with artisan chocolate maker, Scharffenberger Chocolates to create a short video highlighting three tasty varieties.
Working with them both was a real treat - literally and figuratively. The long-stemmed California Giant berries were huge and perhaps the juiciest strawberries I have ever eaten. And the Scharffenberger Chocolate… well, it’s chocolate so it already had a pretty good shot at winning me over, but this chocolate definitely soars above the crowd of usual suspects. 

After a day of shooting, I was left with a pile of dipped strawberries to eat while editing. Fortunately, I had some eager volunteers to take some of them off of my hands. 
The music for the video was custom created by my friend, Billy Briggs, who has collaborated with me on several other projects. We might just be a great pairing in the making. Be sure to check him out for your own projects or just for some good music. He is a real talent.
Enjoy the video and if you LOVE it, please share it. Let me know what you think here in the comments or on my Facebook page. Which berry would you choose?

savour... great pairings