Happy Sunday!
This has been a great week! It started with crazy long work days that were a marathon of page layout and design. Then came the sprint to the finish Wednesday... proof-reading, editing, proof-reading again, and so on. Late Wednesday afternoon we finally got the second edition of BOX NINE magazine out to the world. If you haven't seen it yet, I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

The push of the launch button was quickly followed by... nothing. I grabbed a bottle of wine, made some popcorn, and checked out to watch a movie. And, in true Sam fashion, I fell asleep long before it was over (I'm consistent, if nothing else). Fortunately, I was able to watch it again to get the rest of the story. 

The remainder of the week was spent catching up on stuff I didn't do while I was finishing the magazine and deciding what (if anything) we would do for Independence Day. What we would do turned out to be very little. Everyone exercised their right to the pursuit of happiness which, in this case, looked a lot like nothing. That might be best. July is about to swing into full gear. Beginning Monday I will be deep in Halloween projects and starting the planning for the fall issue of BOX NINE. 

Below are some of the things/people that occupied my time and brain-space last week.


1 Fanny - on Netflix. This French film is the second part of the story which began with Marius. I watched the first part several months ago, and now finally have seen this installment. This remake version of the 1961 film is very well done, but I definitely recommend seeing Marius before Fanny. There is a third part in this trilogy, César, which has not yet been released as far as I can tell.

2 Wooden Gear Lamp - at Uncommon Goods. What's not to love about this lamp? Made of Baltic birch plywood, this lamp tilts and moves with the gears. Simple. Beautiful. Design.

3 Rachel Khoo - on The Cooking Channel. I haven't enjoyed watching a cooking show so much since I first saw Nigella. Rachel is so fun. It's like hanging out with your kid sister while she cooks. I first saw her on her show from Paris, but she's moved back to London for her latest series. It's 30 minutes well spent.

4 Matelassé - at Matteo Home. This may sound a little crazy, but I find matelassé the perfect cover for summer bedding. It is somewhat thick fabric that has been stitched in a way that creates a pattern making it appear quilted. This was a way to replicate the quilts of Marseilles, but there is actually no quilting involved. The result is something that still adds texture and pattern to your bed without being too hot for sleeping. I pair these with simple white linens for the summer and tuck away the quilt and duvet for the fall. The coverlet shown is in a modern, 'random' pattern and available online.

5 Mani Hoffman - I am not sure why this guy hasn't made it big in the States yet. He is a French singer who I first heard a few months ago singing Bang! Bang! (but not the one you're thinking). I immediately had to hear more. He sounds a little like Adam Levine, but more soulful... and he sings in English AND French. Go have a listen.

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