How to Make Paper Airplanes

We all have an inner child calling out for a little fun. This quick tutorial for the DIY Network might be just what you need. I have compiled step by step photos and instructions for 5 basic paper airplanes that will have you flying high in no time.

This project was the most fun I've had on any project this year so far. I forgot how much I liked to make paper airplanes. I guess all that practice I got in Ms. Fitzpatrick's third grade class finally paid off.

I probably should have been paying more attention, but I sat next to Tom Hubbard, who was thoroughly entertaining and surely suffered from some disorder that today would be managed with medicine. Back then we just called those kids 'hyper'... and he was. He taught me to shoot marbles, eat glue, and make the best paper airplanes. For that, I thank him.

savour... the child inside

Basic Paper Airplanes

You'll find all five of the step by step photo sets and instructions at DIY Network - 5 Paper Airplanes. Teach a youngster a new skill or just satisfy your inner child.