New Video: Rainy Day Indoor Fort

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I remember all too clearly those rainy summer days when all I wanted was a little break in the rain so I could play outside. Of course, back then there were far fewer options for indoor excitement than today. We only had 4 channels to watch on TV, and during the day 3 of them were running icky soap operas.

Our rainy day back up plan was almost always to build an indoor fort. It was as much fun to build as it was to use. The fort was perfect for games of make believe or checkers.

I've teamed up with Coryanne Ettiene again to create a video for Nature's Own Bread with this idea in mind. We built the indoor fort in her home with her children, who were all very excited to be involved. Fortunately for us, there was actually rain on the shoot day and nothing had to be rigged up. And that girl in the window? That's Spinny. She loves the camera.

Stay tuned for more summer antics. We have two more summer videos for Nature's Own Bread coming soon and one very SUPER video for them coming early Fall.

savour... rainy day fun