Recipe eBook: Guide to Summer Snacking

The kids are home from school and they've just upped the ante on daily meal prep. Keeping healthy snack options around is challenging enough, but making them interesting adds a new element.

The folks at California Giant Berry Farms, Crunch Pak, Dandy, Natural Delights, and SUNSET have come together to create an eBook with 11 recipes for summer snacking. In this book, you'll find 6 new recipes (including the snails pictured above) created and shot by me. All are delicious and perfect for summer snacking satisfaction. Like the tangy taste of sun-dried tomatoes? Then you are going to love Tomato Chips with Sweet Twister Ranch Dip.

You can access the eBook over at California Giant or any of the sponsors.

savour... the lighter side of snacking

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. You will almost never see those here. I was paid only for my work as a recipe developer and food photographer. This article is provided only to present my recent work and share some cool stuff with you that I think you might like.