On HGTV: Kitchen Solutions

Orangina Bottle Soap Dispenser by Sam Henderson of Today's Nest for HGTV

I'm back over at HGTV this week with three kitchen solutions articles. There is an easy upcycle to address your bland hand soap dispensers, an upgrade to the ubiquitous milk crate, and 10 things you can do with baking soda in the kitchen that are not baking. Click any of the photos below to be redirected to the full articles with complete step by step photo galleries.

I must say that of the three articles, the Orangina bottles are my favorite. I have been sitting on these Orangina bottle dispensers for about a year now. As with many things, they came from trying to solve a problem. You see, I loved the shape of one company's bottle, albeit plastic, but the soap from another company, whose packaging has a more, shall we say, utilitarian look.

These glass orangina bottles have a sleek, modern shape, some texture, and are the perfect size for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Finding the right size pump can be a bit of a challenge, but I'll let you in on a little secret. These tops come from Suave Advanced Therapy lotion, 32 oz. Even if you don't use that lotion, it's worth it to have these dispensers. Mine have been filled with exactly what I like.