Art You Can Do: Sun Shower Paper Art

sun shower paper art diy craft

The inspiration for my project today is here.  I first saw this Rex Ray print years ago in a magazine that I cannot remember.  I found a picture of it online and bookmarked it knowing that I would use it for inspiration someday.  I love the graphic quality of this piece and the use of […]

Art You Can Do: Modern Collage

modern collage art craft diy

I am not quite sure when my fascination with art and photography began. For as long as I can remember I have been creating things. Growing up, my imagination carried me great distances. I used to push around a shoebox as an ambulance with squares of toilet tissue as the beds inside. I picked up […]

Easter Week: Mixed Basket

easter facts and fun

I am sorry to say there is no project today… just information. There was so much to share this week that I couldn’t fit it all. I decided instead to give you a mixed basket of stuff to consider. I love Veruca Salt from the original Willie Wonka movie. I cannot think of Easter without […]