Cookie Week Day4: Pecan Tassies

pecan tassies recipe

We’re on the home stretch of cookie week.  I must admit that I will be a little sad for it to end.  Cookies are one of my favorite things to bake.  They are just enough of a good thing.  Getting a box of cookies delivered to your door might be one of the best things […]

Cookie Week Day3: Caramel Date Pinwheel

caramel date pinwheel recipe

Our third entry for Cookie Week is this delightful little pinwheel cookie. We typically try to include at least one filled cookie with our holiday treats and this one answers the call perfectly. Not only does the swirl give you plenty of cookie to filling, but the pattern is interesting and adds an element of fun to […]

Cookie Week Day2: Tuxedo Cookie

tuxedo cookie recipe

Cookie week continues with a show stopper. This tuxedo cookie is a stepped-up sandwich cookie with lots of class. The cookie itself is not overly sweet and very chocolatey.  The mascarpone cream inside is absolute heaven. I must advise that this cookie is not suitable for shipping. The cookies alone could go, but the cream […]

Cookie Week Begins: 7 Spice Cornmeal Cookies

Welcome to Cookie Week. This is our second year of what we expect to be an ongoing tradition around here. This is the week that many will begin planning (if not baking) for the treat boxes they will be shipping for the holidays. Last year we brought you 5 of our favorite cookies to ship […]

Cookie Week Day 5: Iced Cutout Cookie

iced cutout cookies recipe

We finish out cookie week with our spin on the Christmas Cutout Cookie. I like this cookie for many reasons. First, they are beautiful. You can package them up individually to ship or hang them on the tree. We have given ours a modern edge by using somewhat non-traditional designs. They are also delicious. This is not the usual rolled […]

Cookie Week Day 4: Butter Cookie

best butter cookie recipe

Today’s cookie is what I like to call the ‘Blue Tin’ cookie. This butter cookie tastes like those cookies from the Danish Butter Cookie tin that I used to get from someone every year. I haven’t gotten them for a few years, but when I long for that flavor, this cookie does the trick. The dough is […]

Cookie Week Day 3: Chocolate Chip Cookie

best chocolate chip cookie recipe

As we proceed through our first annual Cookie Week, we stumble upon the undisputed King of Cookies, Chocolate Chip. This is as traditional as it gets.  While this cookie is suitable for any time of the year, no respectable holiday treat package would be without it. Now, here is the thing about chocolate chip cookies. Some folks […]

Cookie Week 2: Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookie

best cranberry orange oatmeal cookie recipe

Cookie Week continues with a winter classic… the oatmeal cookie. I must tell you upfront that while I like most cookies soft and chewy, that is not the case with oatmeal cookies. It must be my fondness for granola that leads me toward a denser cookie. These cookies are still somewhat soft but have some real substance. The […]

Cookie Week Kickoff: Chocolate Crackle Cookie

chocolate crackle cookie recipe

Welcome to cookie week. We are dedicating the entire week to the cookie.  Hopefully, you will find some here that you can package up and ship to friends and family for the holidays. A lovely package of well-made treats is always a welcomed gift.  Choosing which cookies to offer up for Cookie Week was challenging. We wanted to […]