The Right Stuff: Pantry Organization and Checklist

pantry organization tips and checklist

I love the feeling you get when you come home from the supermarket and your cupboards are full. There is something satisfying about checking off one of the boxes in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs so you can securely move on to other more gratifying pursuits. If that’s not enough, there is also the security in […]

The Right Tools: Knife Basics

knife basics

As you have seen from previous posts, I firmly believe that having the right tools makes all the difference.  Your knives are no exception.  What’s even more important with knives is understanding them and how they work.  At the risk of sounding like a zen master, you must respect the knife. Let’s start with the […]

Kitchen Basics: Whipped Cream

whipped cream basics

Food science is amazing.  By just changing a variable here or there you end up with a completely different experience.  Whipping cream answers the call every time by changing from its liquid state to a light and fluffy topping.  All you have to do is add a little flavor, air, and time. If you do […]

The Right Tools: Making Pizza

tips and tools for making pizza

Whenever we move to a new town, the hunt begins. You might expect that we would be seeking out the nearest hospital, emergency response unit, or grocery. But no, the hunt is on for something else… pizza. This is the important stuff. There is something about really good pizza. Pizza at home is easier than […]

The Right Tools: Baking Cookies

tools and tips for baking cookies

Having the proper tool for the task at hand can be critical.  This is true of many tasks including baking cookies.  You can utilize shortcuts and substitute tools, but it will produce less successful results. The good news is once you have your arsenal built, the tools are very sturdy and easy to maintain.  They should last for many […]