Snackilicious: Power Popcorn

flavored popcorn recipes

Today is National Popcorn Day. For me, popcorn day happens about once a week. I absolutely love it. I typically eat it with no butter and plenty of popcorn salt. If you haven’t tried popcorn salt, I highly recommend it as it is more finely ground and sticks to the corn much better than table salt. For today’s post, […]

Cookie Week 2: Cranberry Orange Oatmeal Cookie

best cranberry orange oatmeal cookie recipe

Cookie Week continues with a winter classic… the oatmeal cookie. I must tell you upfront that while I like most cookies soft and chewy, that is not the case with oatmeal cookies. It must be my fondness for granola that leads me toward a denser cookie. These cookies are still somewhat soft but have some real substance. The […]

Cookie Week Kickoff: Chocolate Crackle Cookie

chocolate crackle cookie recipe

Welcome to cookie week. We are dedicating the entire week to the cookie.  Hopefully, you will find some here that you can package up and ship to friends and family for the holidays. A lovely package of well-made treats is always a welcomed gift.  Choosing which cookies to offer up for Cookie Week was challenging. We wanted to […]

Treat of the Week: Soccatunia

soccatunia cake recipe

I am so pleased that the holidays are coming.  I have so much to share with you.  In fact, there is far more than can fit into one holiday season.  Over the coming weeks we have several craft projects, holiday décor ideas, and, of course, treats in store for you. Our treat of the week […]

Treat of the Week: Classic Ambrosia

best classic ambrosia recipe

Ambrosia is one of those treats that instantly takes me back to my childhood. This was a usual suspect for many picnics and fellowship dinners. It seemed to be made with most of the same ingredients, but someone was always trying to apply their own unique twist.  I, too, have a favorite recipe although it […]

Treat of the Week: Pizzelle with Citrus Cream

pizzelle with citrus cream recipe

Having a treat idea in your arsenal that looks great and is quick and easy is crucial for entertaining. Today I am taking a short cut that may surprise you. I am using pizzelle to throw together a light and tasty, citrusy treat. The pizzella is an Italian waffle cookie. They have been being made for centuries. As they […]

Spring Has Sprung: Dreamsicle Smoothie

orange dreamsicle smoothie recipe

Spring is here! I know what I said yesterday, but it’s true. You know spring has arrived when you hear the tinkling of the ice cream truck on your street. Last night as I was struggling over whether this would be a “winter” or “spring” post I heard that sound. Our guy’s truck plays “Turkey […]