Lola Cooks: Pasta e Fagioli

best pasta e fagioli recipe

Pasta e Fagioli is a classic Italian soup that should be in everyone’s recipe box. There are, of course, many variations on this theme. Some are better than others, but all have the basic ingredients at the base – beans, tomato, stock, pasta. Many recipes you will read have a small amount of pancetta or […]

Lola Cooks: Macaroni and Cheese

best mac and cheese recipe

Macaroni and cheese might just be the world’s most perfect comfort food. It is the king of comfort foods. For me, it is the perfect solution to turn any bad day right around. Even as a child, my outlook would change completely if I knew mac & cheese was in my immediate future. Today I […]

Lola Cooks: Classic Lasagna

best lasagna lasagne recipe

A good lasagna is hard to beat. There is a time commitment involved, but the result is more than worth the effort. It is a dish that is sure to please. When executed properly you get a good, thick, meaty sauce and lots of gooey cheese with each bite. The noodles will be cooked but […]

Kitchen Basics: Homemade Pasta

homemade pasta recipe and tips

If you’ve been following along at home, you already know of my love for Mediterranean foods. Nothing illustrates this more than my addiction to all things pasta. Living in Italy as a young man I had pasta with nearly every dinner… sometimes as the side, sometimes as the meal (always delicious). Believe me when I […]

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