Lola Cooks: Corn Chowder

best corn chowder recipe

We are wrapping up our contributions to Soup Month today with one of my childhood favorites. This dish was a regular part of our winters as a kid in Michigan. I don’t know if it was tradition or frugality that kept it around, but it didn’t matter. To me, this soup tastes like childhood.  The soup is easy […]

Lola Cooks: Creamy Jalapeño Soup

best creamy jalapeño soup recipe

We continue our tribute to Soup Month with this yummy recipe. No Soup Month would be complete without at least one cream soup. This one is my favorite as it is mostly about the other flavors and less about the cream. Much of the creaminess actually comes from the avocados.  They also contribute to the […]

Lola Cooks: Roasted Chicken Tortilla Soup

best chicken tortilla soup recipe

January is National Soup Month and there couldn’t be a better time for it. I enjoy soup year round, but there is nothing like a warm bowl of soup to start your winter meal. Not only does it allow you to round out your meal, but many broth-based soups are lower in calories and filled with good […]

Lola Cooks: Rustic Tomato Basil Soup

best tomato basil soup recipe

Fall is soup season. I like soup just about anytime, but there is nothing quite as comforting on a chilly afternoon as a steamy bowl of soup and a little something to accompany it. Crackers are always a good choice. However, you can’t go wrong with some bread or crostini either. When I was seven we lived in […]

Lola Cooks: Pasta e Fagioli

best pasta e fagioli recipe

Pasta e Fagioli is a classic Italian soup that should be in everyone’s recipe box. There are, of course, many variations on this theme. Some are better than others, but all have the basic ingredients at the base – beans, tomato, stock, pasta. Many recipes you will read have a small amount of pancetta or […]

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