Summer Fare: Tapas Style

tapas recipes

Summer says patio. It also begs for lighter fare over drinks on the patio. There’s no better way to accomplish this than Tapas Style. These lighter ‘finger food’ recipes are sure to make your outdoor gatherings a hit. Tapas as a meal, especially for outdoors, are brilliant. It keeps the conversation flowing and allows your […]

Treat of the Week: Chocolate Ice Cream

best chocolate ice cream recipe

Or as I like to call it, the last chocolate ice cream recipe you will ever need. I have been using this recipe for years with the same delicious results each time. It is super creamy and has just the right bitter to sweet ratio for me.  We officially kick off ice cream month in […]

Treat of the Week: Blueberry Cheesecake

best blueberry cheesecake recipe

We’ve got you covered today with a dessert that is perfect for your Memorial Day celebration. It is a classic cheesecake covered in a blueberry sauce made from fresh berries. The cheesecake is simple to make and I often regard it as the last cheesecake recipe you will ever need. The blueberry sauce is perfectly […]

Prepping for Summer: The High Cost of Keeping Cool

high cost of staying cool

Tired of ridiculous summer energy costs? Take some control of the situation by arming yourself with knowledge. With a few simple tips, a little work, and perhaps a change of habit you could be on your way to skinnier bills in no time.  Below are some simple ways to get started in the war on […]

Cocktail of the Month: Rosemary Gimlet

rosemary gimlet cocktail recipe

August. The Dog Days of Summer. The heat is draining and the back to school blues are playing their tune. Let’s face it, we could all use a little pick me up. What better way to put the pep back in your summer step than with this ridiculously delicious cocktail featuring our favorite summer spirit: […]

Cocktail of the Month: Watermelon Cooler

watermelon cooler cocktail recipe

Summer is in full swing and things are hot! hot! hot! Cool refreshment is in high demand and we have just the solution. The cocktail of the month for July is a super simple Watermelon Cooler. The ingredients are fresh and refreshing. The crushed watermelon is sweet and countered nicely with just enough citrus from the lime juice. […]

Lola’s Summer Games

summer outdoor games

by Andrew Yenne In just over a week the world’s top athletes will converge in London to test their metal and find out who’s best of the best. Every 4 years we’re treated patriotic fun as we watch elite athletes compete at the highest level, but you don’t have to be Michael Phelps to get […]

Treat of the Week: Strawberry Pie Ice Cream

strawberry pie ice cream recipe

Summer is filled with fresh fruit flavors. It should come as no surprise that July is Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Coincidently, it is also National Ice Cream Month. As such, we will be featuring a different ice cream treat each Friday this month. Today we begin with Strawberry Pie Ice Cream. We didn’t eat out much when I […]

Summer Fun: Sidewalk Chalk

DIY sidewalk chalk

As a boy, I spent the entire summer outdoors. My days were filled with baseball, walking to the lake, riding bikes, and kool-aid stands. Summer meant taking advantage of three months of the longest days of the year. We packed every single day with fun… right up until the street lights came on, which indicated it was time […]

Cocktail of the Month: The Mai Tai

mai tai recipe

Oh, Me!  Oh, Mai! It’s May, which means it’s almost summertime. Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm days and cool nights. This month we’re featuring one of ‘Mai’ favorite summer drinks (and fall and winter and spring, really anytime I want to pretend I’m somewhere tropical). It’s the drink that launched a national craze, […]