Money Matters: Holiday Gift Giving

holiday gift giving budget

savour… checked lists GIFT PURCHASING STRATEGIES Layaway  Many retailers have revived this blast from the past. Not only is this a good way to budget appropriately, but this also keeps gifts out of your home and away from prying eyes. Be sure to check the terms of the agreement. Some places may charge termination or re-stocking fees if […]

Wallet Watch: Holiday Budgeting and Saving

holiday budgeting

If you are like so many other people, every year sometime in December you say something like, “Next year I am going to be better prepared for the holidays.”This is a common statement that is difficult, at best, to manage. Planning can seem like a waste of time, but the truth is that it is […]

Money Matters: Making Snowballs

how to snowball payments on debt

Another Tax Day has come and gone. It may have left you feeling a little deflated. Perhaps you are one of the lucky that is receiving a refund. Maybe you are wondering how to best utilize the extra money. Either way, after reviewing the final numbers you may have found yourself asking, “What did I […]