Two for Tuesday Tips: Home Mail Center and Storing Popcorn

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With back to school just around the corner, now might be a good time to assess your home HQ. This is the spot everyone recognizes and communication central. It has schedules, papers to sign, and mail. You may recall it from our earlier posts regarding managing mail and managing calendars. As previously recommended, it is a good […]

You’ve Got Mail: The Art of Letter Writing

Letter writing has indeed become a lost art form.  Somewhere along the path of technology, we traded in pens for passwords and stamps for wall posts.  In our world of instant information, there is still something quite special about receiving a handwritten letter. A well crafted letter suggests that you care in a way that […]

Paper Cut: Managing Mail

managing mail

I was discussing the state of the US postal system with a friend the other day and that made me wonder… how could the post office need money with the amount of mail I receive every day? I don’t remember the last scheduled day that I did not receive mail. I am sure there is […]

Going Postal: Postcard Revival

postcard facts and fun

Sitting at my desk, scratching my head over what my next post would be, I started scanning over the shortlist of upcoming topics. One of them caught my attention right away because I also spotted the very thing that sparked the idea: a vintage black and white postcard from Christiansburg, VA. Not only does it […]