Successful School-year Strategies 4: Good Study Habits

developing good study habits

We conclude our September Monday Morning Series: Successful School-year Strategies with a look at good study habits.  This is key to a successful year and goes so much further than that to help groom successful adults.  Please feel free to comment or send additional tips. School teaches our kids lots of things. Unfortunately, very few […]

Successful School-year Strategies 3: Managing Academics and Activities

scheduling school activities tips

The new school year brings with it a host of activities and programs which may interest your child. Deciding which activities will be part of your schedule, actually scheduling them, and making sure the activities don’t obstruct academic pursuits can be very challenging. With some open discussion and setting clear expectations, you can avoid many of the […]

Successful School-year Strategies 2: Organizing Papers

organizing school papers tips

We continue our Monday Series, Successful School-year Strategies, with a look at organizing your kids (and yourself) for school. By maintaining a routine and very specific guidelines for the paper placement you will point your compass in a successful direction. Here’s the scenario, you come home to start dinner.  Before the pasta water is boiling you […]