Fall Fruit Galette with Bourbon Caramel Sauce


Get all the best of comforting fall flavors with this easy-to-make dessert. This fall fruit galette combines apples, pears, and figs covered in delicious fall spices. To add to the comfort quotient, we’ve added a insanely good bourbon caramel sauce. Before you start: A store-bought crust will work, but our basic pie crust recipe is […]

Color Story: Gettin’ Figgy With It

fig color story

It’s been a while since we ran a color story post. I thought that Friday’s Treat of the Week, Fig and Honey Tapioca, was a perfect excuse to do so. The colors from this photo shoot were amazing. They are the perfect transition colors from summer to autumn.  Many of the colors could be used for […]

Treat of the Week: Fig and Honey Tapioca

fig and honey tapioca recipe

I have just one thing to say to get this post started… TGIF. It has been a long, very busy week and I am ready for just a few minutes to put my feet up. I might even get a chance to do that outdoors as it appears that fall could be on its way. Since today officially […]

Today’s Homesteading: Making Preserves

making preserves jam jelly

Our homesteading series continues this Monday with a look at canning preserves.  Of all the things canned in our home when I was a kid, this was truly my favorite. The smell is intoxicating… and I knew tasting was always likely. Canning is very easy and economical. You can purchase specialized tools, but if you […]

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