Two for Tuesday Tips: Home Mail Center and Storing Popcorn

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With back to school just around the corner, now might be a good time to assess your home HQ. This is the spot everyone recognizes and communication central. It has schedules, papers to sign, and mail. You may recall it from our earlier posts regarding managing mail and managing calendars. As previously recommended, it is a good […]

Snackilicious: Power Popcorn

flavored popcorn recipes

Today is National Popcorn Day. For me, popcorn day happens about once a week. I absolutely love it. I typically eat it with no butter and plenty of popcorn salt. If you haven’t tried popcorn salt, I highly recommend it as it is more finely ground and sticks to the corn much better than table salt. For today’s post, […]

Snack Attack: Making Popcorn

making popcorn

It is surprising to me, the number of people who have never made popcorn on the stove. For me growing up, this was the highlight of any given night at our house. There were many of us, so my mom would make a big pot (or two), pour it into a brown grocery sack, sprinkle […]

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