Treat of the Week: S’mores Semifreddo

s'mores semifreddo recipe

We are wrapping up Man Week with a very special Treat of the Week. For me, few things are as satisfying as ice cream. This frozen treat isn’t quite ice cream, but it has all of the essential characteristics.   This isn’t our first semifreddo. You may remember Peach Semifreddo from last year. This time we have added the flavors […]

Treat of the Week: Peach Semifreddo

peach semifreddo recipe

This is a record-breaking summer in Dallas. We have had over a month of over 100̊ days… and there doesn’t seem to be any relief on the horizon.  Nobody wants to be outdoors past 8:30 am. The children are getting restless. I think they might actually be ready to go back to school. I never thought they would […]

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