The 5 Best Music Bars in Berlin

best music bars in Berlin

We’re kicking off a new column this month with music and nightlife expert, Maikol Piardi. We begin in Berlin. Maikol provides an insider look at where to find the best music bars in the city. Read his introduction below and listen to the first of his new podcast series, Music Travel Guide. You can continue […]

Treat of the Week: Trail Mix Smooshbars

smooshbar recipe

Week two of kids being back to school and already things seem to have calmed down a bit. We are getting used to our normal routines. Normal sleep schedules have resumed. I’m not sure the pets have caught on yet, but I’ll give them another week or two. Earlier this week we brought you the skinny on Trail […]

Treat of the Week: Lemon Bars

best lemon bar recipe

We have been harvesting lemons for about a week now.  Our lemon trees produced far more lemons than we could possibly eat before going bad. I do love having fresh lemons in the house. These were particularly pretty.  Picking them from the tree versus the produce bin means they are plump and unbruised from being bounced […]

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