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The 5 Best Music Bars in Berlin

best music bars in Berlin

We’re kicking off a new column this month with music and nightlife expert, Maikol Piardi. We begin in Berlin. Maikol provides an insider look at where to find the best music bars in the city. Read his introduction below and listen to the first of his new podcast series, Music Travel Guide. You can continue to find Maikol’s updates here, or follow him directly for up to the minute information.

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The 5 Best Music Bars in Berlin

Berlin offers a unique experience, the city being a mixture of nationalities, ideologies, artistic movements, and historic consequences. Music is an important part of this cultural experience, with a number of great venues hosting great artists, musicians, bands and Dj sets on a daily basis. On today’s show, I focus on music bars. The many particular independent bars with the true authentic taste of East Berlin complement the fantastic cocktail bars in West Berlin’s posh hotels and the world-famous techno nightclubs with all their decadence. Here’s a list of the 5 best Music Bars to enjoy unforgettable nights and music experiences. Good listening!

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