Treat of the Week: Fall Fruit Parfait with Cashew Cream

fall fruit parfait with cashew cream recipe

The holidays are a busy time and we are all looking for simple and unique entertaining ideas. This treat of the week is perfect with simple ingredients and ‘do ahead’ preparation. The nutty flavor of the cashew cream is perfect for this dish and adds a little surprise to the fruit flavors. This dish is […]

Treat of the Week: Cashew Caramel Clusters

You picked the perfect day to visit. Today I am going to share the secret to making someone happy. Ready? Here it is: find out what they like and make it. Make it well and make it often. I learned a long time ago that my wife LOVES cashews. She loves cashews with caramel and […]

Know Your Food: Nuts Infographic

know your food: nuts

How much do you really know about your food? For the latest installation of our Know Your Food series we decided to change the format a bit by presenting the facts with an infographic. It’s full of tiny tidbits of food knowledge. For example, the largest nutcracker is in Germany and stands nearly 19 feet […]

Treat of the Week: Spicy Cashew Brittle

spicy cashew brittle recipe

It is widely believed that brittle might have been the first candy ever made. It first became popular in America with the introduction of the peanut. In many other countries, you will find it made with a variety of other nut products such as hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and pecans. Today we make ours with roasted […]