The Martinez

I am pleased to announce that in addition to my work here at Today’s Nest, I have taken on the role of the History of Mixology contributor over at The Boys Club, an award-winning blog headed up by Russell van Kraayenburg, the guy behind Chasing Delicious. You will find full monthly articles there that will […]

Treat of the Week: Cheery Cherry Cupcake

cherry cupcake recipe

It doesn’t always go right. My original plan for today’s post was very different than what you see. I typically make the treat of the week on the weekend before it is to be posted. That way I have a few days to edit the photos and prep the post, and worst-case scenario, come up with something […]

Cocktail Love: Cherry Limaretto

cherry limaretto cocktail recipe

Love is in the air this week. There are candy hearts and frilly flowers everywhere. With the Valentine Party behind us, we decided it was time for a more adult treat.  To help our cause, it is also National Cherry Month. That made choosing a cocktail for our post today simple. We have made a few minor adjustments to […]

Valentine Party

valentine party recipes and tips

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to be crafty. Our valentine treat party gave us a chance to make some pretty and tasty things and do it on the cheap. With just a little ingenuity, you can pull off an otherwise boring assortment. Anyone who knows me knows that I live by the motto, “It’s […]