Treat of the Week: S’mores Semifreddo

s'mores semifreddo recipe

We are wrapping up Man Week with a very special Treat of the Week. For me, few things are as satisfying as ice cream. This frozen treat isn’t quite ice cream, but it has all of the essential characteristics.   This isn’t our first semifreddo. You may remember Peach Semifreddo from last year. This time we have added the flavors […]

Treat of the Week: Rocky Road Doughnuts

rocky road doughnuts recipe

Brace yourself. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. This treat of the week is loaded… with deliciousness. There is nothing light about it, but it is eight bites of naughty heaven.  I know many of you are minding your intake of fried foods. I promise to bring you a baked doughnut in the future, but a little […]

Bullseye: Cupid’s Crispie Treats

cupid krispies valentine treat recipe diy

We are throwing together a little Valentine’s Day party for 16 “tweeners”. It will consist primarily of treats and games and lots of girly giggles to be sure. Our goal is to make it kid-friendly, but not “kiddie”.  We will post the rest of the party preparations tomorrow with the Treat of the Week. For today, we […]

Treat of the Week: Petit S’mores

petits s'mores recipe

S’mores say summer. They say lots of other things, too… like gooey, yummy, rich and chocolatey. National S’mores Day is next week and we are taking this opportunity to bring you our version of this classic treat as the Treat of the Week. For me, the chocolate must be somewhat soft and melty for the s’more to […]