Treat of the Week: Mint Chocolate Vacherin

We have dedicated each Treat of the Week this month to chocolate.  The first week we gave you Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Crepe and last week, one of my all-time favorites… truffles.  This week we lighten things up just a bit with a light and airy meringue base for our dessert.  It makes the perfect backdrop […]

Treat of the Week: Truffles

homemade truffles recipe

Valentine’s Day brings with it an overabundance of chocolates for you to consider… including chocolate truffles. Every candy maker on the planet fights for shelf space to showcase their red and pink dressed confections. Specialty chocolate shops manage lines of would-be lovers purchasing sweets for the sweet. Today’s treat of the week is going to […]

Treat of the Week: Chocolate Hazelnut Mille Crepe

hazelnut chocolate crepe cake recipe

Don’t make this cake! To be a bit more clear, don’t make this cake unless you are really committed and intend to read all the way through the instructions before you start. Don’t make this cake if you are simply following the original recipe which doesn’t highlight some of the pitfalls.  And, for goodness sake, don’t […]

Treat of the Week: Maple Nut Toffee

maple nut toffee recipe

In the first grade, I lived above the hardware store at the corner of State and Main. It was the only intersection in our small town with a traffic light.  The school was just a few blocks away and I walked every day. In the winter I would tap a stick on the sidewalk or along fences […]

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