Strawberry Farro Salad with Balsamic Glazed Pecans

strawberry farro salad with balsamic glazed pecans recipe

There is so much that is GOOD about this strawberry farro salad with balsamic glazed pecans. It is just the right amount of fresh, bright, tang, and sweet, and has wonderful crunchy texture from the nuts and a toothiness from the farro. You will not be disappointed. Frankly, the balsamic glazed pecans are reason enough […]

Green Goodness: Avocado Vinaigrette

avocado vinaigrette recipe

Nearly 20 years ago I happened upon a dressing that would change the way I looked at avocado… forever. On the market of downtown Roanoke, Virginia was a quaint Brazilian café. I loved the food there, but what really kept me coming back was the avocado vinaigrette. The texture was creamy and smooth and the […]

Vampires Beware: Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

roasted garlic vinaigrette recipe

Garlic has been used in food and medicine for thousands of years. It’s no wonder we have a day to celebrate it. Today is National Garlic Day in the US. With all of its many uses, I am sure you will find one that suits you. We are doing our part to pay tribute to the pungent product with our […]

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