Me, My Shelf, and I: Book Review Dec 2014

book review

I have reviewed many books on Today’s Nest and if you saw those posts collectively you’d probably notice right away that I’m not much into fiction. Novels have seldom interested me. I am almost always more inclined to read for information or to be swept away by travel or design books. Not to mention, I […]

Book Review: Hill Country Houses

Cyndy Severson is out to change your mind about Texas. In her new book, Hill Country Houses, Severson takes us on a tour of exquisite homes dotting the rolling landscape of one of the most beautiful regions of Texas (and arguably the US). As a fifth-generation Texan and noted designer and writer with decades of […]

A Life in Art: Celebrating Shel Silverstein

shel silverstein

Saturday, September 25, marks what would be the 80th birthday of Shel Silverstein. Many will recognize that name right away. If you don’t recognize the name, you will likely know his work. He filled the last half of the 20th century with music, poetry, illustration, children’s stories, and plays. Silverstein is one of the reasons […]