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Me, My Shelf, and I: Book Review Dec 2014

book review

I have reviewed many books on Today’s Nest and if you saw those posts collectively you’d probably notice right away that I’m not much into fiction. Novels have seldom interested me. I am almost always more inclined to read for information or to be swept away by travel or design books. Not to mention, I have an absolute LOVE of cookbooks. And, unlike many, I actually read them. In fact, I already covered it so I won’t bore you with the details, but one of my favorite books all year was Tina Nordström’s Scandinavian Cooking. It’s worth a look, for sure.

I have 5 new books sitting at the corner of my desk and have just finished reading them. Some are educational, some are inspirational, all are wonderful. Here’s a look at what’s been floating around my noggin.

Kitchenalia – Vinny Lee. Vinny Lee is brilliant. I have been following her career for years. In the beginning, I didn’t even realize I was following her, until one day I discovered how many books I had that were photographed by her. Her food books always inspire me. This book, Kitchenalia, speaks to the designer in me. There are over 200 pages of nothing but kitchens. There is more than enough here to get any remodel off to a roaring start.

The Farm to Table French Phrasebook – Victoria Mas. This book is my new best friend. I will be keeping it nearby to brush up on phrases regularly. Beyond phrases, there is a great deal of information in this compact resource including French food culture and a complete section regarding wine. If you love food and you’re traveling to France, this is a must-have book.

Modern Country – Caroline Clifton-Mogg. This is absolute interior design heaven. Mixing the very best of sleek modern elements with rustic country charm results in page after page of glorious design. You may find yourself imagining life in one of these homes. At the very least, you are sure to come away with some new ideas to add some life to your own home.

How to Travel the World on $50 a Day – Matt Kepnes. No fancy photos in this book.. it is strictly informational, but the information is incredible. Matt has filled the book with tips for being able to travel longer and less expensively. Then he breaks the book down into regions of the world to offer even more information. Lastly, the appendix offers a generous collection of websites to help with your wanderlust. While you aren’t likely to adopt all of the ideas here, there is enough good information to help you save lots of money allowing you to stay longer and see more.

Momentary – Sage Vaughn. In stark contrast, there is very little written word in this book. It is, instead, a stunning collection of art by Sage Vaughn. Butterflies are the constant theme in this latest collection and are present on every page. The images range from graphic to somewhat surreal. 


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