Holiday Quick Tip: The Hostess Gift

hostess gift ideas

As I type this I am whisking across the country on a holiday road trip.  It is the best family road trip I have ever taken.  Apart from a couple of expected tangles, everyone has gotten along swimmingly and stayed entertained. We stowed the luggage outside of the vehicle in a cargo carrier so everyone […]

Gift Wrapping: Tips and Thrift

creative gift wrapping ideas

Scissors, and ribbon, and tape… oh, my! At this time of year, you might likely be sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by gifts and tubes of paper. I personally love to wrap gifts, but I know that many people dread it. I may not be able to make you love it, but hopefully, with […]

Taking It to the Streets: Holiday Road Trip

holiday road trip journal

Over the river and through the woods… it is that time of year again. Millions of Americans will hit the road this week to enjoy the holidays with friends or family. Now, more than we have seen in decades, people have begun to appreciate the beauty of the road trip. Some of that may be due to the […]

Company’s Coming: Guest Room Essentials

guest room tips

The holiday season is here. For many that means house guests. Making accommodations for others in our home can show how much we care.  Taking it that extra step and making your guests’ stay remarkable will take a little more effort and planning, but you will forevermore be known as the host with whom to stay. Today […]

Checking it Twice: Winter Prep Checklist

winter prep checklist for home

Every year my winter prep “to do” list grows. Just when I think I have a good handle on what needs to be addressed, I am reminded of something new. In the past few years, I have begun to compile a list of things that must be completed. There are other things, of course, that crop up, but […]

Finding Friends: Adopting Shelter Animals

adopting shelter animals tips

Having a pet is a wonderful addition to many homes. They can add a warmth and joy that is rivaled by little else. Choosing the pet can be a challenge and, for some, an enormous expense. Often times we have an ideal pet in mind. This may require some research and ultimately buying a purebred […]

Monday Morning Series 1 Food Basics: Finding Your Wine

choosing wine

Our Monday Morning Series for October is Food Basics. We begin the series this week with wine. Keep in mind that this is a very basic look into the topic. Wine is such a broad topic that I could spend a whole week covering it and still miss important information. For today we will stick […]

Successful School-year Strategies 2: Organizing Papers

organizing school papers tips

We continue our Monday Series, Successful School-year Strategies, with a look at organizing your kids (and yourself) for school. By maintaining a routine and very specific guidelines for the paper placement you will point your compass in a successful direction. Here’s the scenario, you come home to start dinner.  Before the pasta water is boiling you […]

You’ve Got Mail: The Art of Letter Writing

Letter writing has indeed become a lost art form.  Somewhere along the path of technology, we traded in pens for passwords and stamps for wall posts.  In our world of instant information, there is still something quite special about receiving a handwritten letter. A well crafted letter suggests that you care in a way that […]