Quick Hit: Chocolate Caramel Preztels with Espresso Beans

rolos and pretzels

I found a post on this treat a couple of years ago and vowed to make them one day. I made them last night but never intended to make it a post.  I just wanted to eat them. They are SO simple and ridiculously tasty. It seems as though there are hundreds of posts dedicated […]

September Cocktail: French Vanilla Blended Frappe

french vanilla frappe cocktail recipe

Coffee is good. Cocktails are good, too. Blended together with a frothy top… well, now we’re getting somewhere. Our cocktail for this month is an icy, smooth drink with loads of flavor. The heat is finally starting to fade, but we have a few weeks left. This drink will be perfect for enjoying on the patio in the afternoon […]

Treat of the Week: Tiramisu

I am somewhat surprised that I made it this far without presenting tiramisu.  This is my recipe for my all-time favorite dessert.  Cheesecake tries to win my affections, and I admit I sometimes stray, but tiramisu holds a special place in my heart.  It has it all… coffee, cream, chocolate… what’s not to love? There […]