Product Review: Rain Bird Automatic Sprinkler System

rain bird sprinkler system

Over the past few years, I have reviewed several products here. I receive requests almost daily to review products or books. I have done my best to only showcase things here that I truly believe in, fit our overall ideas, and would be of benefit to our readers. THIS is one of those things. This […]

Lola Digs: Starting Basil Indoors

Just beyond the last chill of winter lies a place where perennial patio dwellers linger over glasses of wine and Caprese salad. If you close your eyes for just a moment you can probably place yourself there and imagine plump, red tomatoes, and the tangy bite of balsamic vinegar. You can likely see the vibrant […]

Terrarium Basics

terrarium basics

What is it about terrariums that attract us? They are tiny gardens right in our hands. If you’ve been looking to add some color to a corner in your room or liven up a coffee table, this might just be the project for you.  Terrariums are fun and easy and very inexpensive.  We’re talking total project under […]

Lola Digs: The Smart Gardener

Modern Hen’s Garden Go To: It’s that time again! Garden planning and planting are just around the corner. I’d like to introduce you to an amazing tool – The Smart Gardener.   This amazing product is free and the steps are outlined below:  Setting up your garden is as simple as entering your zip code, […]

Deep Seeded: D Landreth Seed Company

d landreth seed company

Landreth Seed Company is an American treasure and with your support, you become part of a historical preservation collective. D. Landreth Seed Company was all the buzz on every social media outlet this past summer, but not for the reasons a company would want.  D. Landreth was facing foreclosure. Apparently, the online seed market just wasn’t […]

Big Wheels Keep On Turning: Tire Gardens

tire garden diy

The summer growing season is in full swing. However, it is not too late to get many things off the ground. If you are looking for new and interesting ways to accomplish it, this might be the post for you. At our local community garden, we have installed some container gardens utilizing discarded tires. This idea isn’t especially new […]

Lola Digs: Seed Solution

seed solutions

Keeping up with seeds, their care, sprout time, and harvest is not very convenient given that all the info is contained on the back of the package that you might accidentally throw away. Guilty. Lessons learned from last year led me to make the attached spreadsheet. It contains the seeds that I’ve started to date, but change to […]

Today’s Homesteading: Composting

composting basics

We wrap up our month-long series, Today’s Homesteading, with composting.  Whether you decide to do it for the free fertilizer or as a means to do your part to “green” up your little corner, composting can be a very rewarding endeavor. Compost generates the most organic matter for your plants. The waste decomposes until it […]

Monday Series: Urban Homesteading

homesteading basics

Today we begin our month-long Monday Series for August. The topic for this month is Urban Homesteading. I struggled with what to call it, because embracing the concepts of homesteading can be done in nearly any setting. You don’t have to live on a farm to raise hens for eggs, but if you do… even […]

Your Modern Garden: Succulent Wall Garden

succulent vertical wall garden diy

Perhaps you love the idea of “greening” up your patio or just want to grow anything without killing it. Today we have the solution for you… a succulent wall garden. Get out your gloves…this is going to be fun. Succulents are a great addition to any modern garden or patio. Their shape and structure sometimes […]

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