Treat of the Week: Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake

coffee and cream bundt cake recipe

The holiday season has arrived and soon guests will be on your doorstep. Your kitchen will be filled with warm faces, laughter, and conversation. You’ll want to be sure you have some hot coffee or tea and a treat or two to make the moments even better. This Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake is just […]

Festivus Fun!

festivus fun

Many years ago I saw a television show that changed my life. A story that was so profound that it rocked the very foundation of all holiday celebrations I had ever experienced. It was the story of a family man so frustrated with the commercialism of Christmas that he decided to take matters into his […]

Holiday Road Trip 2010

holiday road trip journal

As I write this we are wrapping up Holiday Roadtrip 2010. It has been a wonderful time with my family. Surprisingly, the time spent in the car was incredible. We all reconnected and laughed and sang and told stories. We spent a couple of wonderful nights in Memphis. The rest of our time was with […]

Holiday Quick Tip: The Hostess Gift

hostess gift ideas

As I type this I am whisking across the country on a holiday road trip.  It is the best family road trip I have ever taken.  Apart from a couple of expected tangles, everyone has gotten along swimmingly and stayed entertained. We stowed the luggage outside of the vehicle in a cargo carrier so everyone […]

Gift Wrapping: Tips and Thrift

creative gift wrapping ideas

Scissors, and ribbon, and tape… oh, my! At this time of year, you might likely be sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by gifts and tubes of paper. I personally love to wrap gifts, but I know that many people dread it. I may not be able to make you love it, but hopefully, with […]

Taking It to the Streets: Holiday Road Trip

holiday road trip journal

Over the river and through the woods… it is that time of year again. Millions of Americans will hit the road this week to enjoy the holidays with friends or family. Now, more than we have seen in decades, people have begun to appreciate the beauty of the road trip. Some of that may be due to the […]

Taking the Reins: Holiday Control

handling holiday stress

Managing this modern life can be very challenging. It can be especially challenging during the holiday season.  After all, there will be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and carolers… oh, the carolers. This is the time of year when being organized is critical. Even the slightest misstep could land you back at the mall or supercenter with […]

Company’s Coming: Guest Room Essentials

guest room tips

The holiday season is here. For many that means house guests. Making accommodations for others in our home can show how much we care.  Taking it that extra step and making your guests’ stay remarkable will take a little more effort and planning, but you will forevermore be known as the host with whom to stay. Today […]

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