Monday Menu: Roasted Acorn Squash with Dirty Rice Pilaf

roasted acorn squash with dirty rice pilaf recipe

If your fall menu doesn’t include roasted acorn squash, I beg you to reconsider. These little beauties are as tasty as they are cute. Low in the bad stuff and high in vitamins and fiber, acorn squash is a healthy hit that is also ridiculously simple to prepare. Pair it with our Monday mashup of […]

Lola Cooks: Pumpkin Fettuccine with Sausage and Sage

pumpkin fettuccine recipe

Are you one of THOSE people? One of the millions who only purchase pumpkins for decorations? Don’t feel singled out. The vast majority of all pumpkins purchased in the US is for decor. Beyond that, pureed pumpkin is purchased for the obligatory pumpkin pie, but that’s about where the pumpkin purchasing pauses. Our autumnal friend […]

Lola Cooks: Chunky Borscht

chunky borscht recipe

Around here, January means Soup Month. Over the past 4 years, we have presented many soup recipes for you to enjoy. This month we have 4 more planned that are sure to take the chill off. Today we start out with a chunky borscht. This soup is loaded with flavor, nutrition, and an earthiness that […]

Lola Cooks: Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy

buttermilk biscuits recipe

I first ate biscuits and gravy in Virginia back in the 80s. I was on a road trip including a long stretch of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We stopped at a questionable looking roadside diner out of hunger and lack of any other breakfast prospect. I asked the waitress ‘what was good’ and she immediately responded, ‘biscuits […]

Lola Cooks: Flatbread Fix

flatbread pizza recipe

Last week we brought you our recipe for simple flatbread. We made quite a bit and thought you might have, too. Today we offer up a couple of quick and easy solutions for flatbread use. These are great recipes for mid-week as they are simple and, if well-planned, won’t take more than a 1/2 hour to make. The first […]

Making Sausage and A Quick Appetizer

stuffed mushrooms recipe

This weekend was chock full of busy. Our community garden project is in full swing. We took a break Sunday afternoon to meet up with some friends for a quick bite and a glass of wine. We needed a quick solution for nibbles… satisfying but not too heavy. I had already made some sausage for another project […]

Lola Cooks: Pasta e Fagioli

best pasta e fagioli recipe

Pasta e Fagioli is a classic Italian soup that should be in everyone’s recipe box. There are, of course, many variations on this theme. Some are better than others, but all have the basic ingredients at the base – beans, tomato, stock, pasta. Many recipes you will read have a small amount of pancetta or […]

Lola Cooks: Classic Lasagna

best lasagna lasagne recipe

A good lasagna is hard to beat. There is a time commitment involved, but the result is more than worth the effort. It is a dish that is sure to please. When executed properly you get a good, thick, meaty sauce and lots of gooey cheese with each bite. The noodles will be cooked but […]

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