Surviving Summer: Fun Activities

summer fun

By this point in the summer, restlessness may have already set in around your home. If you have kids, you are sure to have heard, “I’m bored”. Coming up with new and exciting things to do can be tiresome.   Today we offer up some fun things to do to survive the summer. Some are kid-driven, but there is plenty here […]

On Your Feet: Shoe Care and Tips

shoe care basics

Shoes are an important part of our daily lives. Not only can they support us and make certain tasks infinitely easier to manage, but they also tell a story about our style and who we are. It is quite likely that you have a substantial amount of money tied up in shoes in your closet right now. Taking […]

Shooting Summer: Tips for Taking Photos

taking summer photos

For many, the summer means many more photo opportunities.  There will be cookouts and family vacations, pool time, and trips to the beach. Being prepared with a few tips can make a great deal of difference in how your memories are captured. For those who already know the tips, this might be the perfect time to pass the […]

Riding the Rails: Train Travel Tips

train travel tips

Summer vacations are on the horizon. With fuel prices as high as they are, air travel may not be as favorable as it once was. Even road trips will be unreasonable for some. As a teen in Europe, I traveled by rail often. There is no disputing that other countries have placed a higher emphasis on their rail […]

Toasty Glow: Fireplace Basics and Chimney Care

fireplace and chimney care tips

With the cooler weather right around the corner, you may be dreaming of sitting in front of a roaring fire with your feet up. Fireplaces are a nice addition to any home. When well-maintained, they offer years of warm memories. All of that, however, comes at a price. Fires can turn deadly. Caution is required. Poorly maintained fireplaces and chimneys […]

Clip and Save: Using Coupons

tips for using coupons

Coupons are not a new sensation. I remember the cost-saving measures my mom would take to stretch our grocery dollar… clipping and sorting and filing (and growling when she missed an expiration date). I am not that person, but I do think there is real value in couponing. Like most things in life, you get […]

Today’s Homesteading: Basic Sewing Kit

basic sewing kit

In part four of our month-long Monday Series, Today’s Homesteading, we cover the basic sewing kit. Part of being self-sufficient involves being able to tackle your own small sewing projects by mending clothes or basic home decor pieces. Making and/or fixing your own things means fewer things go to the trash and keeps you from […]

Today’s Homesteading: Making Butter

homemade butter recipe

This week our modern homesteading series covers a simple product that you might not have known you could make so easily… butter. This refrigerator staple can be made in just a few minutes and, to make matters even better, it can be turned up a notch in just a few minutes more. This is such […]

Summer Top 20

summer checklist

I started a list of summer prep items that I thought you should consider.  It soon started to grow out of control and yet I am certain that I have left out something critical.  Rather than give you a post about what I judged to be the most important from the list, I decided to […]

Paper Cut: Managing Mail

managing mail

I was discussing the state of the US postal system with a friend the other day and that made me wonder… how could the post office need money with the amount of mail I receive every day? I don’t remember the last scheduled day that I did not receive mail. I am sure there is […]

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