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Back from Brimfield: Wrap Up

brimfield trip

After a much needed weekend to recover, I am here to report my findings from the Brimfield Market. It was an exciting trip, although not without its challenges. Rains have been pounding the Northeast for some time now and that left the fields of Brimfield soggy and muddy. Some fields were flooded enough that the vendors abandoned their tents altogether until the water subsided. There were, however, still plenty of shoppers… and lucky ones at that, as many vendors were willing to make deals to unload some of their goods at what might turn out to be an unsuccessful event.

The first full day was spent shopping. The market itself is just tremendous. This is Disney World for antique shoppers and designers/decorators. You cannot possibly see everything. With my Walmart rubber hiking boots (not found in Dallas, by the way) I trudged through the mud and gave it my best effort.

brimfield trip

The afternoon wrapped with a tweetup chat in the tent sponsored by Aubuchon Hardware and Benjamin Moore paint. It was wonderful to meet so many people with whom I have only chatted with on the internet. Benjamin Moore had just unveiled its new paint line, Color Stories, and the tent was all atwitter. The excitement spilled over into dinner at the Publick House where I met even more new faces and began some new friendships.

Friday started with shopping right away but was cut short by a phone call from the airline telling me that I would have to leave early or miss the last connecting flight to Dallas. I was disappointed to leave, but as the market is about an hour away from the airport, I had no choice. With finds in tow, I sprinted back to the rental car and darted off. The weather was much sunnier and it left me wishing I had the rest of the day to treasure hunt. I’ll be back, Brimfield.

  1. Antique dress form… can you imagine a place for this in your home?
  2. Salmon colored vinyl on a painted metal frame. Stunning. The chair next to it had arms.
  3. Wire cage lights.
  4. Welcome to Brimfield… New England quaintness.
  5. 19th century cutlery. Look for this in an upcoming post.
  6. Antique Brownie camera in a trapezoid shape.
  7. Aged leather sofa.
  8. Industrial lighting… love, love, love paired with No.3.
  9. Barney the Dog taking advantage of some shade.
  10. This chair was one of the best things I saw not actually at the market but on the balcony of my room at the Publick House.
  11. An amazing cabinet that literally took my breath away. The picture doesn’t fully show how impressive it was.
  12. Mid-century modern graphic painted on a metal tray… now living at my house.
  13. Vintage jewelry findings that look like snowflakes and are destined for a holiday project.
  14. Leather side chairs.
  15. Industrial light… Lola approved.
  16. Twitter chums hard at work in the Tweetup tent.
  17. Danish dining chair.
  18. View from the balcony of my room at the Publick House.
  19. Benjamin Moore unveils its new product line… Color Stories.


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