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One Cool Homecoming Queen: Purse ICE Pack

in case of emergency pack for homecoming

We have discussed ICE (In Case of Emergency) packs here before. Today’s post is about an ICE pack for your purse. We made this one for a homecoming dance, but it can easily be transferred from purse to purse for life’s little emergencies.  

The main idea here is to keep the stuff as flat as possible and just what is necessary for one-time use. In the event that you need something, just be sure to replace it when you return home. Here are some things you might consider:

  • Tissues – handy for wiping a nose, drying a tear, blotting lipstick, cleaning a wound
  • Bandages – a big one for that unexpected cut, 2 smaller ones for the expected blisters from the shoes you just can’t give up
  • Knee-hi – get pesky deodorant marks off any garment and for corralling lint all in one place when a lint roller or tape isn’t available
  • Shout Wipe & Go – spills are inevitable even for the most careful eater.  Don’t let it ruin your dance, date, dinner.
  • Safety Pins – wardrobe malfunctions be gone – one large, 2 small – pin anything.
  • Mints – you forgot your favorite meal is loaded with garlic, pop a Wint O Green Lifesaver (give him one, too) and all you’ll smell is the wintery freshness on each other. Evening starting to slip? Don’t forget it sparks in the dark for a little date night pick-me-up.
  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes – you know why you need it. You end up in a bathroom with no TP and no paper towels. Hello tissues and thank you handy wipe!

This cute little eyeglass case is the perfect container for all the items listed above. It’s also made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. Bonus! It fits sweetly in any clutch leaving room for a thin cell phone, some cash, and an ID. Drop it in your everyday purse for ICE every day and make a second one to keep at the office. What else might you include? Drop us a comment to share with the other readers.


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