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Chinese New Year: The Red Envelope

chinese new year red envelope prinatable

Happy New Year or 新年快乐. The celebration of the Chinese New Year has begun. There are many interesting customs surrounding this special time in the Chinese calendar. Even if you don’t adopt all of the ideas, you may find some fun new traditions for your family and gain an understanding of another culture along the way. Be sure to check out our earlier post for more information about the Chinese New Year.

One of the customs that we have adopted (much to our children’s delight) is the red envelope. This envelope is filled with a bit of cash and the hope of prosperity and luck. 

To aid in your celebrating efforts we have created a red envelope printable for you to use. Simply print this on some red paper or cardstock, embellish just a bit with a gold marker. Then you just need to glue where indicated and you are all set.

savouryear of the dragon

chinese new year red envelope prinatable


The templates:

chinese new year red envelope prinatable

 The steps:

  1. Print the front or outside of the envelope on red paper or cardstock (8.5×11 inches).
  2. Flip the paper over and print the back or inside of the envelope. The images have been centered and aligned to print properly.
  3. Cut out the template using the front side as your guide. Trim away as much of the black lines as possible.
  4. Using a gold marker, outline the images on the front and back of the paper.
  5. Using a craft knife cut slits along the two horizontal lines for the closure.
  6. Fold over the flaps and crease.
  7. With the dragon image face up, fold the left side of the card over onto the right side.
  8. Apply glue to the flaps and fold over to seal.
  9. Fill with a bit of cash and close with the tab.
chinese new year red envelope prinatable

Have fun and for more Chinese New Year facts and fun be sure to check out this earlier Chinese New Year post.


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