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Bring the Green! Irish Moss Planter Box


We’re taking it easy this week. The boys are on spring break and we’re trying to spend some time together and get caught up in between. But we didn’t want to let you down with no posts to inspire… plus it’s so close to St Patrick’s Day! We thought this might brighten things up for you just a bit.

Like so many, we were sucked in several years ago by tabletop fountains. They were everywhere, and despite their ubiquity, we caved and bought one. We got it mostly for the soothing sounds but soon realized a CD would have done the same thing. The fascination with the fountain quickly faded and left us with another space sucker.

Because I am in incurable DIY’er, I tossed the cheap pump and stacked stone insert and kept the granite looking resin base for another project.  I didn’t know what the project would be, but I knew it would come in handy one day.  hat day, my friends, was today.



If you do not have one of these fountain bases, check at your local thrift store or begin your search at a yard sale.

You could also use a different type of container for your box. If you like the look of this one, stick to simple shapes, rather low profiles, and little ornamentation.

The steps are fairly straight forward:

  1. Using some clear silicone caulk, fill the hole meant for the fountain mechanism. Allow to set.
  2. Place a layer of large gravel or small rocks about 1 inch deep for drainage.  Alternatively, you could drill some holes in the bottom of the resin if you wish and reduce the amount of rock.
  3. Remove the moss from the container and break up the roots slightly. Trim off the bottom if necessary.
  4. Fit the moss plants in the planter fairly tightly.
  5. Water as needed.

Things to consider:

  • This particular moss (sagina subulata) likes the sun. There are varieties, however, which grow best in shady areas. Consider where it will be placed in your home and inquire about the appropriate variety at the nursery.
  • This moss can be trimmed down to be carpet-like, but if you allow it to grow it will yield tiny white flowers at times.


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