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Lola’s Summer Games

summer outdoor games

by Andrew Yenne

In just over a week the world’s top athletes will converge in London to test their metal and find out who’s best of the best. Every 4 years we’re treated patriotic fun as we watch elite athletes compete at the highest level, but you don’t have to be Michael Phelps to get out and have some fun this summer.

Let the Olympics be your inspiration, get outside and start playing, grab your friends, your kids, or meet some new people in the park and let the games begin…

savoursummer fun 


Four Square

This schoolyard staple is fun and easy. All you need is a big red rubber ball (or basketball, soccer ball, really any bouncy ball) and 3 friends. Use chalk to draw a giant square on the ground and then divide it into 4 sections. Rock paper and scissor for the top square and let the battle begin! The top square starts the game by bouncing and hitting the ball into another square, each player hits the ball into a new square and play continues until a double bounce or a miss. The person who misses is out and moves to the bottom square.

Beachball Volleyball

A front yard summer tradition! Blow up a giant beach ball split into two teams or go 1 on 1! Each team takes a side using the sidewalk as the net and start the game. Use regular volleyball rules and watch as an impulse buy at the drug store becomes the memory of summer. Fun for the whole family!


What could be more American than backyard baseball?! Even though baseball isn’t an Olympic sport anymore (don’t get me started!) it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a backyard game going this summer. Grab a cheap set from the dollar store, and use backyard markers as bases (the peach tree is 2nd base!). Divvy up teams and play ball! Don’t forget to use ghost runners when you don’t have enough people.

These are just a few ideas to get you outside and playing this summer (kickball, freeze tag, Frisbee). Let us know in the comments what your favorite summer games are. Don’t forget to post your pictures of you playing your summer games on our Facebook page. Let the games begin!


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