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January Playlist: Music for Cooking

music for cooking playlist

The chill of January typically forces me indoors to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a comfortable home. The kitchen is filled with the fragrance of comfort food and warmed by the oven. This is my favorite time of year for cooking. 

I love to listen to music while cooking. Occasionally I am in the mood for something quiet and soothing, but I usually go for upbeat and fun. That is what inspired this month’s playlist. This is a small sampling of some of the tunes that fill the air in my kitchen while I whisk and stir… and shake and spin (that’s the dancing part).

music for cooking playlist

Do you like music while cooking or are you the focused, ‘no fooling around’ kind of cook? Do you have favorite music or specific songs for cooking? Share with us and we may add them to the Spotify playlist.

If you use Spotify, you can listen to the tracks from the playlist below… and be sure to follow Today’s Nest on Spotify for more of our playlists and upcoming ones.


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