9 COVID Travel Essentials

9 COVID travel essentials

The world of travel has changed with the onset of the Coronavirus… and so have the travel essentials. These 9 COVID travel essentials should get you prepared for your travels and, hopefully, make things a little less stressful.


One for the carryon, one for the purse/briefcase/backpack, 1 for Dopp kit/makeup bag, 1 for the fanny pack/important items carrier. Hand sanitizer (alcohol-based) should contain 70 percent ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and should not be on the FDA’s recall list.
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As a bonus, here are a few ways to carry all of the necessary things that weren’t so necessary before. Fanny packs have made a comeback and are more stylish than their 80s version, but a chic crossbody is an excellent travel companion, too.  A few of our favorites:

fanny pack for 9 COVID travel essentials
fanny pack for 9 COVID travel essentials
fanny pack for 9 COVID travel essentials

Before you finalize your plans, be sure to check out our article, US Travel in 2020 Under COVID Conditions, for the latest information

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