Weeknight Meals: Baked Farfalle with Summer Squash

School is back in session. You’re busy. The kids are busy. You need something simple to throw together for dinner. Got it. This month I am dedicating the majority of my food posts to weeknight meals. Those dishes that are simple to make, don’t require loads of ‘hands-on’, and still taste spectacular. I’ll do my […]

Burger Week: Caprese Burger with Balsamic Aioli

caprese burger recipe

If you looked back through my social media streams you’d see how often (probably too often) I speak of three things… hummus, gyros, and basil. I am Mediterranean through and through and these foods pop up in my meals frequently. Caprese salad is, without a doubt, my favorite thing about summer. Fresh picked tomato and […]

Lola Cooks: Classic Minestrone

classic minestrone recipe

Our tribute to the glorious food that is soup continues with this classic that should be in just about everyone’s recipe file. Minestrone is one of those soups that gets tweaked from one home to the next. This recipe is a good basic recipe that you can manage to suit your tastes. If you don’t […]

Summer Fare: Tapas Style

tapas recipes

Summer says patio. It also begs for lighter fare over drinks on the patio. There’s no better way to accomplish this than Tapas Style. These lighter ‘finger food’ recipes are sure to make your outdoor gatherings a hit. Tapas as a meal, especially for outdoors, are brilliant. It keeps the conversation flowing and allows your […]

Lola Digs: Starting Basil Indoors

Just beyond the last chill of winter lies a place where perennial patio dwellers linger over glasses of wine and Caprese salad. If you close your eyes for just a moment you can probably place yourself there and imagine plump, red tomatoes, and the tangy bite of balsamic vinegar. You can likely see the vibrant […]

Miracle Liquid: Uncommon Uses For Vinegar

vinegar uses

Vinegar is an absolute natural marvel. Thousands of years ago someone accidentally discovered it by letting some wine go a bit too long. The world has never been the same. Although made with various bases as the sugar component, the basic process has remained the same… sugars fermented to alcohol (wine) and alcohol further fermented […]

Lola Cooks: Rustic Tomato Basil Soup

best tomato basil soup recipe

Fall is soup season. I like soup just about anytime, but there is nothing quite as comforting on a chilly afternoon as a steamy bowl of soup and a little something to accompany it. Crackers are always a good choice. However, you can’t go wrong with some bread or crostini either. When I was seven we lived in […]

Tale of Two Tasties: Grilled Panini

panini recipes

I fell in love with the panini in 1983. I was a young man living in Italy. I lived in a somewhat small town mapped with cobblestone streets and thoroughfares. One of the thoroughfares, meant only for pedestrians, ran through the middle of town and separated two long rows of buildings with apartments above and […]

July Monday Series 3: FitFood FitTip

stuffed zucchini recipe

We conclude the July FitFood FitTip series with quinoa stuffed zucchini. This is a fairly simple dish to prepare and it is loaded with goodness. Beyond the texture and slight crunch that the quinoa adds, it also brings a great deal of health benefits. While there is a noted absence of meat here, there is […]

July Monday Series 2: FitFood FitTip

best frittata recipe

We continue our Monday series for July this week with one of my favorite FitFoods – Frittata. Frittata uses one of the most accessible protein sources, eggs. We have cut out some of the fat and cholesterol by using only half of the yolks. Beyond that, there is a minimal amount of fat in the […]

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