Lola Cooks: Beer Cheese

Many foods are indicative of a particular region… lobster rolls, shrimp po’boys, deep dish pizza. Obviously some are much more well-known than others. Many people have never even heard of beer cheese; let alone know that it is pure Kentucky. With the Kentucky Derby just about a month away, we decided this might be a good time […]

Lola Cooks: Tex Mex Chicken and Dumplings

tex mex chicken and dumplings recipe

Isn’t it interesting how food affects mood? Many of my childhood memories circle around meals or gatherings where food was part of the supporting cast. As an adult, I make plans and even consider vacation spots based on the cuisine involved. To relive our fond food feelings we often make dishes that are familiar. But […]

Lola Cooks: Bacon Tomato Shrimp with Cheddar Polenta

tomato bacon shrimp with cheddar polenta recipe

As the school year gets into full swing you may find yourself once again seeking quick and easy meal options. The trouble is you want to offer a bit of variety and hopefully a home-cooked meal or two. To avoid pulling dinner from a drive-thru bag we must look for speedy alternatives. Today Lola is […]

Lola Cooks: Macaroni and Cheese

best mac and cheese recipe

Macaroni and cheese might just be the world’s most perfect comfort food. It is the king of comfort foods. For me, it is the perfect solution to turn any bad day right around. Even as a child, my outlook would change completely if I knew mac & cheese was in my immediate future. Today I […]