Treat of the Week: Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake

coffee and cream bundt cake recipe

The holiday season has arrived and soon guests will be on your doorstep. Your kitchen will be filled with warm faces, laughter, and conversation. You’ll want to be sure you have some hot coffee or tea and a treat or two to make the moments even better. This Coffee and Cream Bundt Cake is just […]

Treat of the Week: Cold Brew Affogato

cold brew affogato recipe

Sometimes you just need a quick and delicious dessert solution. This is that solution. Of course, there is the matter of the cold brewing time, but that will all depend on whether you have some already brewed or not. The combination of flavors here cannot miss. Coffee, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate? What’s not to […]

September Cocktail: French Vanilla Blended Frappe

french vanilla frappe cocktail recipe

Coffee is good. Cocktails are good, too. Blended together with a frothy top… well, now we’re getting somewhere. Our cocktail for this month is an icy, smooth drink with loads of flavor. The heat is finally starting to fade, but we have a few weeks left. This drink will be perfect for enjoying on the patio in the afternoon […]

The Chocolate Cupcake

best chocolate cupcake recipe

Thank goodness someone comes up with unusual holidays and celebrations or we might miss our chance to celebrate the chocolate cupcake. Today, October 18, is the day. You can celebrate it by buying some if you don’t have time, but better would be to make some. Today we offer up our favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. This recipe is […]

Food Basics 2: Coffee – The Perfect Cup

coffee basics

Few things in life compare to a really good cup of coffee. Every morning I begin my day with a little CPR (Coffee Preparation Ritual). For me, it is an overall sensory experience. Right from the beginning, you get the wonderful aroma that comes from the grounds. I scoop my grounds out with a metal coffee scoop which […]

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